Real estate investment increases 40% through September

The recovery of the real estate sector advances step by step but incessantly. Investors have allocated more than 8.7 billion euros to the real estate sector during the third quarter of the year, a 40% increase over the same quarter last year, according to statistics compiled by international real estate consultancy JLL. "The market is going through an excellent time and it is foreseeable that all...

In Portugal the price of houses will accelerate and rise 6% this year, but will then step on the brake

The recovery of the Portuguese housing market is moving at a rapid pace, fueled by improved economy, lack of product supply and strong demand from foreign buyers and low interest rates. For all this, home prices are expected to close the year with a 6% growth this year, but in the coming years will see a cooling of the rises. Standard & Poor's expects to post a 4.5% appreciation in 2018 and 3% in the...

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