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Foreigners buy 54 houses a day in Portugal

The country's popularity with the foreign community is still on the rise and real estate sales registered "significant" growth in 2018, says INE. French, English, Brazilian, Chinese and German are the biggest buyers Foreigners are buying 54 homes a day in Portugal, representing 8.2% of all properties traded during the past year. There are 19,912 houses sold throughout the country but with greater...


The housing market remains confident for this year as mortgage lending increases and Brexit is taking into account. The availability of adequate assets, coupled with yield and revenue demand, has led to a demand for niche markets and a focus on value added and build-to-core. New asset classes New asset classes have emerged in the market, such as the digital economy and date centers. This immergence is...

2018 must repeat the “good time” of the real estate market

The expectations of the real estate industry are optimistic, although some challenges are already identified so that the positive cycle can continue. Housing is considered one of the most important areas in the coming years. The sentiment of the real estate industry for next year is one of optimism, with top industry leaders confirming that the market is experiencing a very positive time. "The period...

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