Investing in real estate

World real estate investment in 2019 at the level of the previous two years

In 2019, notwithstanding the uncertainties surrounding the world economic scenario, global real estate investment is expected to reach € 1.54 billion - consultant Savills states in her latest Impacts 2019 study. According to the report, the expected value for this year is at the same level as in 2017, and slightly below that reached in 2018, the historical volume traded: US $ 1.8 billion (US $ 1.63...

Investing in Portugal

Location Portugal has a privileged location to access relevant markets. Continental Portugal is geographically situated on the west coast of Europe, in the Iberian Peninsula. It borders North and East with Spain, the West and the South with the Atlantic Ocean, being situated in a geostrategic position between Europe, America and Africa. Besides the Continent, the Portuguese territory also includes...

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