New housing credit restructuring measures under debate

Housing credit exempt from Stamp Duty is one of the measures suggested by the Portuguese Association of Banks. Within the scope of the State Budget for 2023, the Portuguese Association of Banks (APB) suggests a set of measures in the fiscal field regarding the restructuring of stamp duty-free home loans. According to a communiqué sent to the Budget and Finance Commission (COF), the Association...

Sales and pricing boom spawned four real estate companies a day

More than half of the mediators operating in Portugal were born in the last two years. Last year alone the number of companies increased by 30%. Who saw him and who sees him. Real estate is on the rise again, and the promise of good business is increasingly popping up. Last year alone, 1,385 new mediators were licensed, 30% more than a year earlier. Almost four real estate agents are born a day. "In...

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