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Portugal on the radar of foreign investors and public figures

Portugal on the radar of foreign investors and public figures

For 2017, the Portuguese Real Estate Exhibition – SIL expects that real estate transactions will be higher than the previous edition. Sandra Bértolo Fragoso, manager of SIL, in an interview with Diário Imobiliário reveals that there is a resurgence of real estate developers, who will be present with new projects or projects that have stood still and are being re-launched at this stage.

The SIL 2017 will be held from October 18 to 22, at the FIL – Lisbon International Fair, in Parque das Nações, in Lisbon. It is the largest hall in the Portuguese real estate market and is organized by the AIP Foundation.

What news are planned for SIL 2017?

In this edition, the news will be many, the SIL will have a diversified offer, either for exhibitors where we will debate and clarify current and relevant themes for the real estate sector, as well as activities focused on the visitor. We would like to highlight the presence of foreign investors, from the markets that are buying more real estate assets in Portugal, at the conference level we will also have international speakers recognized in the sector.

I would like to highlight the SIL Awards Ceremony of Real Estate 2017, which will take place on October 18, a time that distinguishes Excellence in the sector and which counts on the presence of Exhibitors, International Guests, Press and professionals from the sector and the world corporate or institutional world. This initiative is highly appreciated by the sector, being open to project candidatures at no cost to the candidate and after the Jury’s appreciation the winners are identified in several categories (tenure, sustainable construction and energy efficiency, best real estate development and urban rehabilitation) which are only known on the 1st day of SIL. Visitors will be able to visit the SIL Awards of Real Estate Exhibition during the Event.

In the Multipurpose Auditorium, we will have conferences and workshops with national and international Opinion leaders.

We will also have other conferences that will be held at the Real Estate Auditorium, mostly presented by exhibitors and the institutional sector.

Also to mention the International Meeting Point, privileged place of networking among investors, partners and exhibiting companies.

We will also have the Festival of the privileged local family, where families can participate in various activities that include show coocking, reading, fashion, health and wellness among others.

We have invited all interested parties to be attentive to the programming – conferences, technical and commercial presentations, activities developed specifically for the public – and the news of the exhibitors.

How has membership been? What kind of companies have already been present?

The adhesion of the companies to the SIL is going very well, we will have the resurgence of the Promoters real estate, that will present us with new projects or with projects that have stood still and that in this phase are again being relaunched.

The real estate mediation will also mark a strong presence, with brands that are internationally renowned market leaders that are in the top of mind of SIL visitors. Banking will also be present as well as companies providing services to the real estate sector.

We will have a SIL with more companies and more product.

What is the impact of the current dynamism of the real estate market in the hall this year?

The Portuguese real estate sector is going through a good phase, is growing and the AIP Foundation has reason to be optimistic and believe in the continuation of the SIL growth trend, as the Hall is following the positive evolution of the sector and its dynamism, whether through the internal market or through foreign investment.

Portugal is on the radar of foreign investors and several international public figures from the most varied sectors ranging from music, cinema, fashion, sports and others that are investing in real estate assets in Portugal and many of them live here long seasons, attracted by the security and tranquility of the country.

Is there interest from foreign promoters and companies?

SIL’s strategy has always focused on the internationalization of Portuguese companies, through the organization of events abroad in cities such as Paris, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Beijing, London, among others, but also in the coming of investors and players of the sector to SIL, and it is in this sense that we continue to work and in fact we have companies from Brazil, France, China and Africa interested in coming to SIL

What business are you expecting?

Business prospects are great, we believe that real estate transactions will still be higher than the previous edition.

Source: “Diário Imobiliário”



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