The recovery in the 2nd semester will start through institutional investors

In the second half of this year, real estate investment will return to growth even before the...
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PRR: Real estate developers and investors concerned about the lack of measures for the sector

Worried. It is in this way that Hugo Santos Ferreira looks at the fact that the Portuguese...
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Real estate with breaks above 80% in transactions and demand in January

More than 80% of real estate companies recorded declines in transactions and in the demand for...
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Get to know the real estate trends in 2021

If the year 2020 leaves us with any certainty, it is the fact that the real estate sector in...
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Do foreign investors continue to invest in real estate in Portugal?

Do foreign investors continue to invest in real estate in Portugal? 2020 promised to be one...
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What will happen in real estate in 2021?

Expectations in relation to prices, the impact of the end of the moratoriums, the rental...
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Discover some of the strangest houses in the world.

South Korea has a toilet-shaped house. But there are still houses in the shape of shoes,...
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Guess which is the most expensive street in Portugal?

It is in the district of Lisbon, where you can find the ten most expensive streets in...
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Rash measures putting real estate agents at risk.

The Government has suspended all service provision activities in establishments open to the...
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Extension of moratoriums to stop “atomic bomb”

Real estate companies defend extension of moratoriums to stop “atomic bomb” The...
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Real estate is not expected to depreciate in 2021, a year of uncertainty due to the pandemic.

Although the pandemic has gone on beyond expectations, as in many sectors of the national...
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House rents in Lisbon fell 16.8% in 2020

In the last quarter of the year, the capital fell 4.8%. In the city of Porto, for the first...
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