APEMIP asks that visits to properties with appointment be allowed

The failure to include real estate activities in the exceptions of the new confinement may be...
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Operators in Portugal expect a return to normality in 12 months – points out PHMS survey

Residential market operators expect that once the Covid-19 outbreak is under control, sales...
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Should you buy a second home for rent?

Should you buy a second home for rent? Buying a second home can be a viable investment,...
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Government blames state for housing problem in Portugal

The Government made the owners and real estate agents not responsible for the "enormous...
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Airbnb: How to open an account in Portugal and earn money

How to open an Airbnb account: Step by Step to Success Opening an Airbnb account is much...
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Less businesses created in Tourism and Real Estate in Portugal

The tourism and real estate sectors lost weight in the creation of new companies in Portugal...
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One third of houses in Portugal take over a year to sell

The scarcity of new products and high prices mean that 22.5% of apartments and 37.5% of houses...
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Rising house prices in Portugal show signs of slowing down

The selling price of houses in Portugal grew by 14.7% year-on-year in the third quarter. This...
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Real estate employment in Portugal soared 80% in four years but expected to fall by 2020

Job advertisements multiply. Agents, property managers, commercial or administrative are...
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166 more tourist projects coming to Portugal

Tourism continues to move millions and in just six months more than one hundred and a half new...
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Foreigners buy 54 houses a day in Portugal

The country's popularity with the foreign community is still on the rise and real estate sales...
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The housing market remains confident for this year as mortgage lending increases and Brexit is...
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