May 2021

O mercado imobiliário em Portugal ainda está muito vivo.

The real estate market in Portugal is still very much alive.

Over the past decade, the property market in Portugal has proved to be promising, with house purchase or lease prices rising steadily. However, the year 2021 brought new challenges and now we want to know what has changed. Pedro Fontainhas, CEO of APR (Associação Portuguesa de Resorts), was asked how the real estate market has dealt with the challenges of Covid 19 and Brexit, and which areas and...

Um casal de designers converteu três contentores de transporte numa casa Ecológica

A couple of designers converted three shipping containers into an Ecological house

It was a trip to London and Cornwall in 2015 that led Amy Plank and Richard Vaughan, designers at modular housing company Modhouse, to rethink the idea of home. "We realized we would have more freedom if we kept our belongings to a minimum and resigned ourselves to living in a smaller space," Amy recalls. "We wouldn't be tied down by domestic duties and could enjoy surfing, gardening and just being...

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