November 2019

Airbnb: How to open an account in Portugal and earn money

How to open an Airbnb account: Step by Step to Success Opening an Airbnb account is much simpler than you might think. Just follow a few steps and your accommodation will be available for rent by anyone, anywhere in the world. There are 10 simple steps to follow. Know them. 1 - Access the site The first step to becoming a host is to go to the Airbnb website and click on the "Become a Host"...

Less businesses created in Tourism and Real Estate in Portugal

The tourism and real estate sectors lost weight in the creation of new companies in Portugal by October, giving way to activities such as transport and construction, according to a barometer by consultant Informa D&B. “The corporate fabric is on its way to a new annual business creation record, but the most dynamic sectors are changing,” the company said. “While in recent years the real...

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