February 2018


A few weeks before the next elections, which could have repercussions on the real estate market, the rating agency S & P Global Ratings analyzed the situation in Italy, which can be summarized as follows: the general economic improvement has made the buying and selling of home faster. , but has not yet led to price increases. Well the market for new buildings Even thanks to interest rates at...

The real estate market and the bubbles in pairs

The best indicator of the absence of a real estate bubble is precisely the badly named "rent bubble" that is so much talked about now. In recent times it seems that the ghost of the housing bubble has been reawakened. But although many indicators of the real estate market grow rapidly are still, in absolute terms, well below the values ​​reached at the peak of the bubble (transactions, housing...

Shopping for a home in America? It will take a lot longer than you think because home prices are overheating

Two-thirds of buyers are shopping for more than three months before signing a deal, according to a new survey from the National Association of Home Builders. Home prices have been rising at a fast clip in the past year – faster than income growth and inflation. Home prices increased in 92 percent of the nation's measured housing markets at the end of last year, according to the National Association...

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