August 2017

5 marketing strategies that generate real estate sales

Expand the cornerstone of your business Using exceptional, professional and consistent marketing for all listings is a sure way for a real estate agent to generate new listings, as well as promote and sell the property they’ve been hired to sell. Based on 20 years of experience and as a “Top 1% Realtor” in the U.S., enjoy my top five marketing tips that are guaranteed to help you increase your...

In Portugal the price of houses will accelerate and rise 6% this year, but will then step on the brake

The recovery of the Portuguese housing market is moving at a rapid pace, fueled by improved economy, lack of product supply and strong demand from foreign buyers and low interest rates. For all this, home prices are expected to close the year with a 6% growth this year, but in the coming years will see a cooling of the rises. Standard & Poor's expects to post a 4.5% appreciation in 2018 and 3% in the...

Execution of works in summer: the best time to invest in a reform and revaluation of a house

Summer is for many the best time to make home renovations. It allows to take advantage of the holidays to follow the works (or to realize them oneself), to open to eliminate dust or odors, not many neighbors, reason why the annoyances are minimized, and, since the days are longer, days. A good time to invest in the improvement of housing, which, according to data from the Mitula Group , will significantly...

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