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parking lot

Faro (Sé e São Pedro), Portugal


This car park is in the center of faro, close to all services as well as downtown.

It has 23 parking spaces, some of which fall 2 cars, or caravans, also has a bathroom, a storage room, and a room that can be used for surveillance or offices.

This park has everything needed to start working at any time
This property can be used for other businesses that may be the indicated space, for example for a Bowling business.

Looking for something like this for your future business?
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  • Adresse: Faro (Sé e São Pedro), Faro, Faro
  • Stadt: Faro
  • Staat / Landkreis: Faro
  • Gegend: Faro (Sé e São Pedro)
  • Land: Portugal, Portugiesische Republik


Aktualisiert am September 24, 2018 beim 1:47

  • Immobilien-ID: TC1062
  • Preis: €300.000,00
  • Schlafzimmer: 7
  • Badezimmer: 9
  • Garage: 23
  • Art der Immobilie: Garagen
  • Eigenschaftenstatus: Zu Verkaufen


TuaCasa Olhão
TuaCasa Olhão
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