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Garage in Olhão

Olhão, Portugal


Garage in Box with 18.30 m2, near the main access roads which facilitates the entrance and exit of the city, although situated in a more peripheral area this also allows easy access to downtown.
Located in the basement of a building, which conveys some security.

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  • Adresse: Olhão, Olhão, Faro
  • Stadt: Olhão
  • Staat / Landkreis: Faro
  • Gegend: Olhão
  • Land: Portugal, Portugiesische Republik


Aktualisiert am September 24, 2018 beim 1:47

  • Immobilien-ID: TC1050
  • Preis: €19.000,00
  • Schlafzimmer: 1
  • Art der Immobilie: Garagen
  • Eigenschaftenstatus: Zu Verkaufen


TuaCasa Olhão
TuaCasa Olhão
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